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Pictured are, from left, 2022 Interfaith Board Members and Staff: front row, are the 2022 Board Members and Staff: Dana Rave, Brooke Aldach, Brandi Shramek, Pastor David Shudy, Lori Chown, Buck Paulsrud and Laura Hansen; back row, Pastor John Cowles, Kathy Potter, Geri Allen, Marianne Torkelson, Greg Eddy, Ron Perry and Pam Johnson. Board members not pictured are Rick Dobbs, Robyn Matousek and Sue Millis. Staff not pictured are Carol Jarrett and Bev Zink.

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers

News Release

Date: November 16, 2021

Interfaith holds Annual Meeting, welcomes new board members

Jackson County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers held its Annual Meeting and welcomed new board members earlier this month.

The meeting was held November 15 at Family Worship Assembly in Black River Falls, where five new board members were named: Pastor John Cowles, Pam Johnson, Buck Paulsrud, Kathy Potter and Dana Rave.

“We are excited to welcome our new board members,” said Lori Chown, Interfaith’s Program Director. “Their dedication to and passion for service will be invaluable to Interfaith and its mission.”

Four board members also completed their Interfaith terms, including Ron Danielson, Julie Drace, Judy Hansen, and Rozanne Ruzic. The Interfaith Board of Directors has 15 total members who are elected to three-year terms and some serve two consecutive terms for a total of six years of service.

Ron Danielson served six years and prior to that assisted with grocery delivery. Danielson currently serves as the facilities chair where his leadership and knowledge of projects has helped Interfaith with the planning for its new facility.  Danielson will continue his service with Interfaith’s Facility Committee and the Core Committee. 

Julie Drace served on the board for three years and is part of the Time for You Committee.  Drace worked with the Aging and Disability Resource Center in Jackson County to create a Dementia Support Group and participated in the monthly meetings to offer support to families in need.  She volunteers at Interfaith’s group respite program, Time for You, helping with much of the development of the program. 

Judy Hansen was part of the original planning committee to develop Jackson County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers more than 30 years ago. She served on the National Volunteer Caregiver Network that assisted more than 900 agencies like Interfaith across the country.  Since joining Interfaith again six years ago, she has served on the facilities committee, resource development for the campaign, the core committee, and the executive committee. She will stay involved with Interfaith’s Building Campaign and the Core Committee.

Rozanne Ruzic served on Interfaith’s board for six years and prior to that was a volunteer assisting with transportation, respite, and friendly visits. She volunteers regularly at Time for You, along with sitting on the Time for You Committee to help with their development.  Ruzic will stay involved with Time for You.

“The board of directors is always a vital part of any non-profit, but with our facility needs, the growth in our aging population, and the impacts of COVID-19, our board has been instrumental in ensuring Interfaith’s long-term sustainability,” Chown said. “The expertise that each board member brings to our group has been instrumental in allowing us to take the next steps in our growth.”

Interfaith Volunteers is a non-profit organization that volunteers with the opportunity to put their faith in action by using their gifts and talents to serve those living in our area communities. Interfaith coordinates more than 250 volunteers to assist elderly people and people with disabilities with remaining independent and in their homes as long as possible.

Interfaith Volunteers kicked off a facility campaign at the beginning of October with a matching grant from the Lunda Charitable Fund for $800,000, matching all local donations up to $800,000. The facilities campaign will continue through January 31, 2022, and all funds raised will be used for Interfaith’s facility project, program growth, and will help ensure long-term sustainability for all Interfaith’s programs.

“The support for the facilities campaign has been outstanding,” Chown said. “Our community always has been and continues to be incredibly generous to support important causes.”

Interfaith’s 2022 Board of Directors is as follows: President Ron Perry, Vice President Marianne Torkelson, Treasurer Rick Dobbs, Secretary Geri Allen and members Brooke Aldach, Greg Eddy, Robyn Matousek, Sue Millis, Brandi Shramek, Pastor David Shudy, Pastor John Cowles, Pam Johnson, Buck Paulsrud, Kathy Potter and Dana Rave.