Jackson County Interfaith Volunteers

Helping You Put Your Faith in Action

Thanks to all of these individuals Interfaith has reached our goal and will begin construction of our new facility in April of 2022, with project completion by the end of 2022. 
Thank you for making this dream a reality!

There have been thousands of individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, and community leaders, that have given of their time, talents, and resources to lay the foundation that allowed Interfaith to help so many put their Faith in Action.   This is a list of many of the individuals who contributed to our capital campaign, making this facility a reality.  To all those who contributed to this campaign, and those who came before you, we are eternally grateful. 

Lunda Charitable Fund Matching Grant

Capital Campaign Individual Donations

Grant & Geri Allen

Todd & Stephanie Anderson & Family

Harlan & Karen Brandt

Wayne & Beth Bue

Chuck & Ruth Buswell

Darlene Christianson

Brad & Lori Chown

Eric & Cindy Chrisinger

Dave & Mary Cooley

Dave & Kae Dettinger

Dan & Heather Diehn

Jo Ann Dougherty

Mike & Cindy Dougherty

Bob & Jan Eckles

Greg & Anneliese Eddy

Randy & Mary Eddy

Chad & Megan, Caleb, Colin & Mariah Ellingson

Duane Fait

Tim & Kay Finch

Dave & Joy Fossum

Bill & Karen Foust

Glen & Jan Goeman

Chris & Priscilla Goldsmith

Judy Hansen

Paul & Barb Hanson

Tom & Judie Harkner

Lillian Hart

Clint & Jean Helland

Carl Herrmann & Joan Higgins

Alden Hoefer & Marion Stuart

Dave & Marilyn Hoffman

Peter & Jone Hoffman

Carl & Rhonda Holmquist

Gil Homstad

Jon & Maureen Homstad

Bill & Valerie Jacobson

Bill & Pam Johnson

Jim & Jill Kaphengst

Joel & Patty Kaphengst

Christine Kenyon

Dr. Nick & Bobbi Kitowski

Dr. Jerry & Lori Kitowski

Mayland & Alice Klevgard

Gerald Kral

Dr. Gene & Janet Krohn

Tom Larkin

Bev Millis

Dan & Sheryl Millis

Nyla Musser 
John & Jane Norgaard

Bruce & Carol Olson

Mary J. Olson

Jeaneta O'Neil

Marge Paulin

Buck Paulsrud

Ron & Lisa Perry

Bill & Kathy Potter

Jim & Kathy Powell

Gene & Judy Ransom

Steve & Kristal Schreiber

Norbert & Phyllis Sedelbauer

Betty A. Stasny

Rich & Charlene Stevens

Terrie Stevens

Jim Talley

Charlotte Thompson

Roger & Donna Thompson

Troy & Marianne Torkelson

Mary Van Gorden

Hattie Walker

Tom Walker

Ron & Sarah Wirtz

Pastor & Mrs. Erik Zingelman

Geri Zlesak

Capital Campaign Businesses and Organizations

Alliant Energy

Bader Philanthropies

Black River Country Bank

Black River Area Foundation

Black River Falls City Hall

Black River Falls Municipal Utilities

Clark County United Way

Co-op Credit Union

Grace Lutheran Church

Jackson County

Jackson Electric Cooperative

Krohn Clinic

Lions Club

Lunda Charitable Fund

Melrose Alliance Church

Northern Family Farms

Otto Bremer Trust


Rotary Club of Black River Falls

Rural Mutual Insurance Company

Serene Clean

St. John's Lutheran Church

The Print Shop

Torgerson Funeral Home

Town of Brockway

Tuesday Club

Women of New Hope Lutheran

Capital Campaign Memorial Donations

Brad C. Bauer

  • Roger & Carolyn Bauer

Marlene Bautch

  • Al Barnes & Maggie Rewald

Kay Ellen Brauner

  • Mike Brauner

Mr. & Mrs. Edger Olson

  • Bruce & Carol Olson

Sheila K. Danielson

  • Ron Danielson

Merril & Ruth Doud

  • MaryLee Doud

Dixie Theiler Gansel

  • Peggy Koplitz
  • Danny & Mary Jo Rozmenoski
  • Kal & Susan Theiler

Bill Gates

  • Connie Gates

Glen & Ardeth Gilbertson

  • Chuck & Roxie Torgerson

Raymond & Joyce Grunlien

  • Larry, Betty Janke & Family

David Gulla

  • Mary A. Peterson

David S. Hansen

  • Mary J. Hansen

Duane Hanson

  • Carol Hanson

Harold Jacobs

  • Peter Jacobs & Mary Beth White-Jacobs

Amanda Lee

  • Rolland Lee

Bill Millis

  • Steven & Sue Millis

Mark T. Moennig

  • Jan Moennig

Lou Musser

  • Nyla Musser
  • Greta (Musser) Gerrard

Jiana Norman

  • Dr. Gary Petersen

Robert & Dorothy Nortman

  • James Nortman

Agatha "Gay" Hagen Olson

  • Dale R. Olson

Kelsey Jo Olson

  • Dave & Sherry Olson

Barb Olstad

  • Women of New Hope Lutheran

David Renner

  • Suzanne E. Renner

Bob Rowekamp

  • Kathy Rowekamp

Al & Kathryn Torgerson

  • Chuck & Roxie Torgerson

Robert & Betty White

  • Peter Jacobs & Mary Beth White-Jacobs

Thelma Wiste

  • Roger Wiste & Family

Capital Campaign Donations In Honor of

Alice Rae Evenson,

  • Charlie & Katie Bue

Karen Foust

  • David & Linda Oreskovich

Interfaith Volunteers

  • Jean Burgess
  • Jim & Kathy Mason

Interfaith Staff and Volunteers

  • Mona Baker
  • Carol Haugen

Mary L. Jacobs

  • Peter Jacobs & Mary Beth White-Jacobs

Jeanette Marie Larson

  • Dale R. Olson

Roger Laufenberg

  • Suzanne E. Renner

Michael Lee Family

  • Dennis & Jean Lee

Megan Lee Family

  • Dennis & Jean Lee

Nyla Musser

  • Greta (Musser) Gerrard

My Children & Grandchildren

  • Bonnie Burnham

My Children & Grandchildren

  • Mary Lou Young

Mr. & Mrs. Orv Casper

  • Bruce & Carol Olson

Our Family

  • Albert & Eileen Gutknecht

Our Children, Andrea, Todd & Joanne

  • Chuck & Nancy Nibbe

Rozanne Ruzic

  • Charlie & Katie Bue
  • Richard, Sara & Bailey Larson
                                   Thank you to our wonderful community for all of your support! 
                                   Donations are updated to August 19, 2022.  Blessings to you all. 
Please contact us with any omissions or errors so we can promptly correct them.  

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers
Campaign Committees

In November of 2020, Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers began evaluating the possibility of a building campaign to meet the increasing demands for programming, facilities, and staffing that Interfaith was seeing.  Since then, dozens of volunteers have spent hundreds of hours serving on the many committees to help Interfaith develop and implement plans to meet their growing needs.  In October of 2021, a Capital Campaign was officially kicked-off!  Below is a listing of some of the many volunteers that have helped Interfaith on this incredible journey!

Core Committee

Greg Eddy

Jan Eckles

Jim Kaphengst

Judy Hansen

Marianne Torkelson

Ron Danielson

Lori Chown


Donor Appreciation Committee

Judy Hansen

Jill Kaphengst

Marianne Torkelson

Marlee Slifka

Sue Millis

Lori Chown


Facility Committee

Ron Danielson - Chair

Barb Hansen

Bev Zinc

Bill Foust

Bill Potter

Buck Paulsrud

Carl Holmquist

Pastor John Cowles

Karen Foust

Laura Hansen

Larry Lunda

Lori Chown


Feasibility Committee

Jan Eckles

Judy Hansen

Marianne Torkelson

Mary Beth White-Jacobs

Laura Hansen

Lori Chown


Finance Committee

Rick Dobbs – Chair

Dave Oreskovich

Greg Eddy

Laura Hansen

Lori Chown

Marketing Committee

Jan Eckles - Chair

Brandi Shramek

Kathy Potter

Tracy Madvig

Lori Chown

Program Committee

Dana Rave

Lyn Gates

Mary Beth White-Jacobs

Pam Johnson

Rozanne Ruzic

Laura Hansen

Lori Chown

Resource Development Committee

Jim Kaphengst - Chair

Marianne Torkelson - Secretary

Geri Allen

Gil Homstad

Judy Hansen

Pastor Dave Shudy

Lori Chown

Sustainability Committee

Rick Dobbs

Greg Eddy

Karen Foust

Lori Chown

A special THANK YOU to all of these individuals for their leadership and volunteering their time and talents to help Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers take this important next step as they grow to meet the rising needs of our community.